Zakat Calculator

Zakat is a financial act of worship. Distributing a certain portion of one’s wealth to the poor and needy is called Zakat. It is as important an act of worship as prayer and fasting. Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam. Zakat has been repeatedly urged in the Qur’an and Hadith. The provision of … Read more

Convert CGPA to German GPA Calculator

CGPA to German GPA Calculator

Today we will learn how to Convert CGPA to German GPA. More you can convert your percentage to German GPA also. Along with What is German Grade and How it works? That means we are gonna learn a to z information about German GPA and way to transfer CGPA to German GPA. What is German … Read more

Age Calculator BD – Online Age Calculator

Do you know about Age Calculator BD? It is an online age calculator that will help you to easily calculate your age in a seconds. Calculate your age with The Accurate Online Age Calculator to see your real age and find out the name of day of any desire date of past or future. This free age calculator BD … Read more

Percentage to CGPA Calculator


For many students, Calculating the percentage from the grade point average is one of the toughest tasks. This post is for all students, especially university students. This post will ease their work. Today we will talk about CGPA to percentage converter. PERCENTAGE TO CGPA CALCULATOR Please select your grading range : 4.0 GRADING SCALE 5.0 GRADING … Read more

GPA To Percentage Calculator

GPA To Percentage Calculator , Percentage to GPA Calculator

People may have heard the term, GPA or Grade Point Average. It is crucial during high school, college, and the early career of a student. In this post, we are going to talk about GPA to percentage calculator. GPA TO PERCENTAGE CALCULATOR Please select your grading range : 4.0 GRADING SCALE 5.0 GRADING SCALE 10.0 … Read more

CGPA Calculator in Bangladesh

CGPA Calculator

CGPA Calculator is an excellent tool to calculate Your CGPA online. In this CGPA calculator online BD, You can easily add your subject and years and get your CGPA point. By the way, GPA meaning Grade Point Average and CGPA means Cumulative Grade Point Average. The CGPA system has initiated grading which has lessened the … Read more

Honours CGPA Calculator

Honours CGPA Calculator

With our Honours CGPA Calculator, you can quickly calculate your CGPA of any discipline. Now you can easily calculate your Honours CGPA online. It will take only few seconds to get your Honours CGPA (may be, it can be BBA CGPA, BA CGPA, Bsc CGPA, MBA CGPA, MA CGPA, Msc CGPA) from our tool below. … Read more

Degree CGPA Calculator

Degree CGPA Calculator

Let’s know about Degree CGPA Calculator in this post. Most of the students are not familiar with the degree CGPA calculation. Though it is noted in their report cards. Yet, after the results are out, students want to know their grades and points. Many students feel difficulty while understanding the concept of CGPA. For them, … Read more

HSC GPA Calculator

HSC GPA Calculator

Do you know about HSC GPA Calculator? It is a great tool to calculate your HSC Result GPA online. By this tool you can calculate your HSC GPA with no time. Many ask a common question “how to calculate GPA of HSC result”, for them we made this great calculator named HSC Result Calculator. This … Read more

SSC GPA Calculator

SSC GPA Calculator

SSC GPA Calculator is a great tool for SSC Exam GPA Calculation. Some students wants to know how to use SSC GPA Calculator BD. Below you will find the SSC Result Calculator by which you can easily calculate you SSC GPA online. Under the calculator, there are step by step guide on how to calculate … Read more