Percentage to CGPA Calculator

For many students, Calculating the percentage from the grade point average is one of the toughest tasks. This post is for all students, especially university students. This post will ease their work. Today we will talk about CGPA to percentage converter.



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About CGPA to percentage converter

In all subjects, the CGPA system provides the average grade point of students’ performance except the additional subject. In the form of grades, all subjects’ achievement of the students is listed.

Teachers use it to signify the all-around performance of the student in the academic session as degrees.

How to Convert CGPA to percentage

The process of converting CGPA to Percentage

Anyone can convert CGPA to a percentage with a simple formula. The formula is to multiply CGPA with 9.5.

For example,
suppose one has achieved 8.2 CGPA. If he wants to convert it with the percentage, has to multiply it by 9.5. The resulting number will be 77.9 percent.


The CGPA system is to lessen the burden of marks and the anxiety of the examinations among students. Due to this reason, the system is used in bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. In this post, students can get their essential information about the CGPA converter to percentage. However, if anyone needs extra to know about the CGPA calculation or something else, they can look at our website.

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