KUET Subject List

Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) is a public engineering university in Bangladesh. It is located in Khulna District of Khulna Division in southern part of Bangladesh.

Many of us hope to study in Kuet. And to study in Kuet, we have to study very hard. Among many competitions one has to take a seat for oneself by the power of one’s knowledge.Today I will discuss with you about the Kuet subject lists so that you can choose your own favourite subject.

KUET Subject List
KUET Subject List

KUET subject list 2023

Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) is one of the best engineering universities in the country. There are few universities in the country with such a beautiful campus and session free as Kuet. 

Among the engineering universities, most candidates get the opportunity to take the exam in Kuet, which makes the competition a bit more competitive. It is important to know a university’s subject  list before the admission test.

KUET Faculty List

Kuet has a total of 16 departments under these 3 faculties – Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.The total number of seats in these 16 divisions is 1065, of which 5 seats are reserved for minorities and hilly areas.

  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

KUET faculty- wise subject list & seat number.

Civil EngineeringArchitecture40
Building Engineering & Construction Management60
Civil Engineering120
Urban & Regional Planning60
Faculty of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringBiomedical Engineering30
Materials Science & Engineering60
Computer Science and Engineering120
Electrical and Electronic Engineering120
Electronics Communication Engineering60
Mechanical EngineeringChemical Engineering30
Energy Science & Engineering30
Industrial Engineering and Management60
Leather Engineering60
Mechanical Engineering120
Mechatronics Engineering30
Textile Engineering60

Minimum Qualification for Admission

  • Only science department students can take the exam.
  • Must pass secondary examination with minimum GPA 4.00
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 19 marks in the HSC Examination  in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English – these four subjects and separately in Maths, Physics, Chemistry among the mentioned subjects. Must pass with minimum grade point 4.0 in each subject and minimum grade point 3.5 in English.
  • According to Integrated Engineering University Chuet, Kuet and Ruet admission circular 2022, a total of 30,000 candidates can participate in the admission test. Eligible students will be selected to participate in the final examination from among all the candidates who have applied for the initial application within the stipulated time.

KUET Admission Test Mark Distribution

As we know KUET takes their admission test along with CUET and RUET .In Integrated Engineering University admission test, MCQ admission test of 500 marks will be held for A Unit and MCQ of 500 marks and of 200 marks for B Unit  i.e. total 700 marks admission test will be held. The admission test schedule for A and B Unit is mentioned below.

A unit

Subject.Question Number.Marks.
Total Subject: 4Total marks500

B unit

Subject.Question Number.Marks.
Free Handwriting4200
Total Sub: 5Total mark 700

FAQ about Khulna University of Engineering & Technology

  1. How many seats are available in the KUET?

A total of 1065 undergraduate seats are available.Five reserve seats are available for minor tribes and Chittagong Hill Track students.

  1. How many subjects are available in KUET?

There are a total of 16 subjects offered by KUET. Undergraduate students are eligible to enroll in these courses.

  1. How many Facultys are there in KUET?

The Faculty of Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering offers a total of 1065 seats in 16 departments.


Hope you have gathered valuable information by reading our article. Our efforts will be worthwhile only when you benefit.Hope this article will be useful for all the students who are interested in the kuet subject list.

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