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SSC GPA Calculator is a great tool for SSC Exam GPA Calculation. Some students wants to know how to use SSC GPA Calculator BD. Below you will find the SSC Result Calculator by which you can easily calculate you SSC GPA online. Under the calculator, there are step by step guide on how to calculate SSC GPA Calculator. Moreover, you will get SSC grading system and Grade points.

SSC GPA Calculator

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SSC Grading System and Grade Points

80 – 1005.00A+
70 – 794.00A
60 – 693.50A-
50 – 593.00B
40 – 492.00C
33 – 391.00D
0 – 320.00F

In SSC Grading System, a GPA-5 is the Highest Grade Point and A+ is the Highest Grade. I above shared the chart, and you may find all marks range, Points, Grades. In this SSC Result Calculation article, I will share more about SSC Grade points later. Let’s know about SSC GPA Calculation.

How to Calculate SSC GPA

Follow the Steps to Calculate SSC Grade Point

  1.  First, Choose SSC Group
  2.  Then, Choose Grade Format
  3.  Select your SSC Subjects Name
  4.  Now Select your Grade/Point
  5.  Finally, Click on the Calculate Button

The calculation processes of SSC is very easy. There is only five step, first choose group, format, then subject list and grade point. Last but not least click on the calculate button. If you do not understand below there are step by step process described.

Step 1: First, Choose SSC Group

SSC GPA Calculator Step 1
SSC GPA Calculator Step 1

At first, You have to choose your SSC Group name. If you are a student of Business Studies, Click Business, If you are a student of Arts Group, click Humanities. If not, by default Science is selected.

Step 2: Choose Grade Format

SSC GPA Calculator Step 2
SSC GPA Calculator Step 2

On next, Choose your Grade format. If you want to enter result by grade, select grade, Or if you want to enter your SSC Result by point, hit on point button.

Step 3: Select your SSC Subjects Name

SSC GPA Calculator Step 3
SSC GPA Calculator Step 3

Then, Select you SSC Subjects name. Choose your religious subject, Group subject name, and 4th Subject name. By default for religious subject, Islam is selected and for 4th subject Agricultural Studies is selected.

Step 4: Now Select your Grade/Point

SSC GPA Calculator Step 4
SSC GPA Calculator Step 4

Now, select your SSC GPA according to subject name. And make sure they are correct. For that you can double check your SSC Result from your marksheet.

Step 5: Click on the Calculate Button

SSC GPA Calculator Step 5
SSC GPA Calculator Step 5

Finally, Click on the Calculate button to calculate your SSC GPA online. The Average GPA is shown below the Calculator form.

SSC Means

SSC Means Secondary School Certificate. The previous name of SSC was Matriculation examination. In Madrasha, Dakhil Exam is similar to SSC Exam. A student after completing class 10 sit on SSC Exam.

About SSC GPA Calculator

For every student, the GPA of the SSC exam is extremely crucial. Several of those who have given the SSC examination do not have an idea about the GPA calculator. Today’s post is for them. In this post, we will discuss the SSC GPA Calculator.

SSC examination is a public examination in Bangladesh that is administered by the boards of Secondary Education and boards of Intermediate under the Ministry of Education. Students have to pass the JSC Examination to participate in SSC. However, Students can get their results through an online calculator. They can also do it with their mobile calculator. 

For calculating students have to count the points obtained in each subject. They need to add this except for the fourth subject. Then from the obtained points of the 4th subject subtract two. This point should be added to the sum. After that, the full sum of the factors should be divided by the mixture of subjects aside from the fourth topic. GPA of any subject of SSC can be calculated by expressing it as a percentage in this system. This procedure will enable students to create an adequate result. The grading system mainly provides the highest grade A+ and the minimum passing grade is D. From this calculator, students not only get the grade but also will get the point of grade.


If anyone has any issues according to the SSC Grading calculator, Please feel free to ask us any topics in the below comment box. If anyone adds any comment in this post (SSC GPA Calculator), we will reply to their comment soon with the perfect solution. We hope students will benefit from today’s article.

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