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Age Calculator BD – Online Age Calculator

Do you know about Age Calculator BD? It is an online age calculator that will help you to easily calculate your age in a seconds. Calculate your age with The Accurate Online Age Calculator to see your real age and find out the name of day of any desire date of past or future. This free age calculator BD … Read more

CGPA Calculator

CGPA Calculator

CGPA Calculator is an excellent tool to calculate Your CGPA online. In this CGPA calculator online BD, You can easily add your subject and years and get your CGPA point. By the way, GPA meaning Grade Point Average and CGPA means Cumulative Grade Point Average. The CGPA system has initiated grading which has lessened the … Read more

HSC GPA Calculator

HSC GPA Calculator

Do you know about HSC GPA Calculator? It is a great tool to calculate your HSC Result GPA online. By this tool you can calculate your HSC GPA with no time. Many ask a common question “how to calculate GPA of HSC result”, for them we made this great calculator named HSC Result Calculator. This … Read more

SSC GPA Calculator

SSC GPA Calculator

SSC GPA Calculator is a great tool for SSC Exam GPA Calculation. Some students wants to know how to use SSC GPA Calculator BD. Below you will find the SSC Result Calculator by which you can easily calculate you SSC GPA online. Under the calculator, there are step by step guide on how to calculate … Read more

How to Calculate GPA in Excel

How to Calculate GPA in Excel

If you want to calculate your GPA offline and want to How to Calculate GPA in Excel, then you are on the right place. In this post we will discuss about how to create a GPA Calculator in Excel. So, Let’s start. First you may know, GPA (Grade point Average) is an important thing for … Read more

GPA System in Canada – Grading System in Canada

GPA System in Canada

Want to know about GPA System in Canada? The GPA or Grade Point Average system is used to measure the academic performance of college students in Canada. The system is used to calculate a student’s grade, which is used to determine their final GPA. The system is used at all Canadian universities and colleges, including … Read more

What is difference between CGPA and GPA

What is difference between CGPA and GPA

Today we are going to learn about the difference between college GPA and college GPA. College GPA is the average score of all of the grades a student received in their classes. It is used to determine a student’s class standing, eligibility for certain academic activities, and the GPA requirement for certain majors and programs. … Read more

How to get good GPA in University

How to get good GPA in University

Do you know How to get good GPA in University? Most of the high school seniors would want to know how to get a good grade point average in their upcoming university programs. This is a common question that many people would want to ask but few would know the answer. While getting a good … Read more

What is considered a low GPA in our Country

What is considered a low GPA

This topic is about what is considered a low GPA in school or university. Usually, a low GPA is considered to be a grade point average of less than 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. This is the minimum grade that is required to pass a course and continue on in school or university. Typically, a … Read more

Green university Grading System

Do you looking for green university grading system? In this post we will talk about Green university grading system and other necessaries about Green University Bangladesh. So, Let’s Start our post about grading system of green university. Green university Grading System GUB fully complies with the ‘Uniform Grading System’ as suggested by UGC of Bangladesh. … Read more

IUBAT Grading System

Hello Students of IUBAT. Are you searching iubat grading system? If the answer is affirmative, you are on the right place. Here in this post we will talk about the International University of Business Agriculture and Technology Grading system. Let’s get started. What is the full form of IUBAT? The full from of IUBAT is … Read more

IUB Grading System – Independent University, Bangladesh

If you are a student of Independent University, Bangladesh and want to know IUB Grading System, then this post is for you. Here in this post we will talk about Independent university Bangladesh grading system. It is helpful for taking a good preparation and grade mapping. IUB Grading System Grade Explanation QualityPoints A Excellent 4.0 … Read more

EWU Grading System (East West University)

Hello Friends! Are you looking for EWU Grading System? If yes, then you are on the right place. Here in this post we will talk about East West University Grading system and its grading method and other details. So, let’s get started. EWU Grading System A student may earn five letter grades on the basis … Read more