The Jagannath University Subject List: Find your perfect course

Finding the right university can be a challenging process. With so many institutions to choose from, it’s important to find one that offers the perfect course for you. Jagannath University is a great choice for students looking to study a variety of subjects. 

The university offers an extensive list of courses, making it easy to find the right fit for your interests and career goals. With top-notch faculty and ample resources, Jagannath University is an excellent choice for any student.

In this article, we will be providing the Jagannath university subject list that is available at the university so that you can find the perfect course for you. The list is also helpful for students who want to change their major.

Jagannath University Subject List
Jagannath University Subject List

The Jagannath university subject list

Jagannath University is a renowned university for its academic excellence. Jagannath University was established in 2005. At first, this educational institution was run as a college. Currently, Professor Dr. Mizanur Rahman is serving as the Vice-Chancellor of this educational institution. The motto of the university is “Education, Discipline”. Currently, about 17 thousand students are studying in educational institutions.

The university offers a variety of subjects to its students. The university provides its students with an excellent education, preparing them for successful futures. Jagannath university has a long list of subjects that students can choose from.

With various different subjects to choose from, students can tailor their education to their specific interests and career goals.

Jagannath University Faculty List

  1. Science
  2. Social Science
  3. Arts
  4. Business Studies
  5. Law
  6. Life & Earth Science
  7. Institute of Education & Research
  8. Institute of Modern Language

Jagannath university Faculty & Unit wise subject list

A unit subject list

Computer Science & Engineering50
Life & Earth ScienceZoology80
Geography & Environment80
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology30
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology30

B unit subject list

Islamic History & Culture80
Islamic Studies80
Land Management & Law60
Social ScienceEconomics80
Political Science80
Social Work80
Mass Communication and Journalism80
Public Administration80
Institute of Education & ResearchEducation (IER)50
English Language Institute of Modern Language40

C unit subject list

Business StudiesAccounting & Information System160
Management Studies160

D unit subject list

D UnitMusic40
Fine Art40
Film and Television30


1. How to get a seat at Jagannath University?

If you are determined to get admitted into Jagannath University, you need to take part in the admission test. Every year, thousands of students from all over the country sit for the admission test. The competition is tough and only the top scorers get admitted into this prestigious university.

2. What is the total number of students in JNU?

Currently has more than 1909 students enrolled in its various courses. With its world-class facilities and renowned faculty, it is no wonder that so many students are eager to study at JNU.

3. Do you think JNU is better than DU?

There is no better option than JNU, especially for postgraduate degrees. The campus environment is extremely supportive and accepting of all students, regardless of their backgrounds. Learning here is a joy because the faculties and teachers are also very experienced and knowledgeable. Overall, JNU is an excellent choice for higher education.


The Jagannath university subject list is very helpful for students. It helps them to know what subjects they need to take and also provides a great reference for future students. 

The Jagannath university subject list is a great resource for students looking to study a variety of subjects. 

The list provides a comprehensive overview of the subjects offered at the university and can help students narrow down their choices. With so many options available, the Jagannath university subject list is important for any student considering studying at the university.

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