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People may have heard the term, GPA or Grade Point Average. It is crucial during high school, college, and the early career of a student. In this post, we are going to talk about GPA to percentage calculator.


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About GPA to percentage calculator

A student’s GPA can influence what colleges accept him or her. GPA can be the availability of grants or scholarships for financial aid also job chances can be dependent on a person’s GPA.

For many years, Schools and Colleges use the GPA system. It provides an overview of student achievement at a glance. For finding a good score, this system is often used as a weapon. 

In Bangladesh, schools and colleges follow a GPA of 5. It is a simple process to calculate GPA from percentage is to divide their percentage by hundred and multiply the number by five. 

Online GPA to percentage calculator:

According to the five scales, 93 to 100 percent provides a  5 GPA. If the percentage ranges from 90 to 92 then the GPA calculated is 4.7. This is a common reference and it varies from college to college. Accordingly, the letter grade is GPA 5.0 is A+ and 4.7 is A.

 It was so tough in the past to estimate a student’s score. There are numerous GPA to percentage converters available online. Students can get with general formulas and calculate them on their own. From country to country, GPA scores can vary. 

Knowing the process of the grades being converted from a percentage to a letter grade, and into your GPA can enable students to plan their future to meet their needs and goals. It is also going to assist students who need to study for a final much more.

How to Convert GPA to Percentage in Bangladesh

To convert GPA to Percentage in Bangladesh, just follow these simple steps below.

GPA to Percentage Calculator
GPA to Percentage Calculator
  1. Go to this tool GPA to Percentage Calculator
  2. Select Your GPA Scale (4, 5, 10)
  3. Input Your GPA
  4. Click on Calculate and Get Result.


Most colleges, universities, scholarship committees, and future employers look at the GPA as an indicator of how good a student is! This score is also extremely vital for college admissions. For students, we tried to cover the initial data about GPA with the percentage calculator. If anyone faces any problems with this issue, please let us know.

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