Brac University Grading System

Are you a student of Brac University and looking for Brac university Bangladesh grading system? If your answer is affirmative, you are on the right place. Here in our website you will get to know about the details of Brac grading system and many other information.

We will talk about Brac University grading system as well as other grading symbol and letters that are used on marksheet. Let’s go ahead to the grading system.

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Brac University Grading System

The grades at the Brac university will be indicated in the following manner:

  • 90 – 100 = A (4.0) Excellent
  • 85 – <90 = A- (3.7)
  • 80 – <85 = B+ (3.3)
  • 75 – <80 = B (3.0) Good
  • 70 – <75 = B- (2.7)
  • 65 – <70 = C+ (2.3)
  • 60 – <65 = C (2.0) Fair
  • 57 – <60 = C- (1.7)
  • 55 – <57 = D+ (1.3)
  • 52 – <55 = D (1.0) Poor
  • 50 – <52 = D- (0.7)
  • <50 = F (0.0) Failure

More: You can use our BRAC University CGPA Calculator to calculate your CGPA.

Brac Grades Without Numerical Value

There are some Grades that are used on Brac University to show Exam results. They are-

P: Pass
I: Incomplete
W: Withdrawal

GPA Computation of Brac University

Many students ask me how Brac University calculate GPA of a semester. The Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed in the following manner:


Let’s learn how to calculate BRAC university CGPA system.

          Sum of (Grade points H Credits)
GPA = ———————————–
          Sum of Credits attempted

Requirements for the Brac Degree

For graduation, a student must complete the requisite number of credits of course work and meet other requirements depending on the program in which he/she is enrolled and must maintain a CGPA of 2.50. The University, however, reserves the right to refuse the awarding of degree on disciplinary or similar grounds.

Final Words of BRAC University Grading System

We hope that Brac Grading System will help you a lot to take proper decision for Higher education or maintain good CGPA. More you can calculate your CGPA with CGPA Calculator.

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