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National University Grading system

Nu Authority disclosed a different time All-academic years course exam results in GPA or CGPA System. For this reason, the students of NU also expect to know about this grading system calculation. So we are going to help all of the students with our post about the National University Grading System. We will also talk … Read more

HSC GPA Calculator

HSC GPA Calculator

Do you know about HSC GPA Calculator? It is a great tool to calculate your HSC Result GPA online. By this tool you can calculate your HSC GPA with no time. Many ask a common question “how to calculate GPA of HSC result”, for them we made this great calculator named HSC Result Calculator. This … Read more

SSC GPA Calculator

SSC GPA Calculator

SSC GPA Calculator is a great tool for SSC Exam GPA Calculation. Some students wants to know how to use SSC GPA Calculator BD. Below you will find the SSC Result Calculator by which you can easily calculate you SSC GPA online. Under the calculator, there are step by step guide on how to calculate … Read more

How to Maintain Good CGPA in University?

University can be difficult for many students. Yet, students like to have remarkable grades so they can get a decent job. In this post, we will talk about how to maintain a good CGPA in college. People who are reading this article will surely know about the final stage of educational life. This is the … Read more

What is the Difference between CGPA and GPA?

Calculating and maintaining track of the grades and points is crucial for anyone. One requires to be conscious of the different techniques of calculation. In this post, I will describe CGPA and GPA, and also provide the information “What is the difference between CGPA and GPA?”.  Bangladesh has numerous boards and different universities and different … Read more

When did the GPA System Start in Bangladesh?

Do you know When Did the GPA System start in Bangladesh? If no, Here We’ll talk about when GPA system start in Bangladesh. The Government intended to modify the system of grading in the JSC, SSC, HSC, and other similar public examinations. Then the grading system was started. The education boards operate it. However, in … Read more