NSU Grading System – NSU Grading Policy

Are you looking for NSU Grading System? If yes, You are on the right place. Here in this page you will get to know about North South University Grading system in Bangladesh and NSU grading policy.

When any student wants to admit in North South University or before appearing any exam, a student wants to know the grading system of NSU so that he/she can plan his/her studies and do well in the examination. So, Let’s go ahead to the section of NSU Grading system.

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NSU Grading System

Letter grades indicating the quality of course work completed is interpreted as follows

Numerical ScoresLetter GradeGrade Points (Per Credit)
93 and aboveA Excellent4.0
90 – 92A-3.7
87 – 89B+3.3
83 – 86B Good3.0
80 – 82B-2.7
77 – 79C+2.3
73 – 76C Average2.0
70 – 72C-1.7
67 – 69D+1.3
60 – 66D Poor1.0
Below 60F* Failure0.0
 I** Incomplete0.0
 W** Withdrawal0.0
 R** Retaken0.0

More you can use NSU CGPA Calculator to calculate your CGPA online.

NSU GPA – Class Equivalence

That’s how north south university CGPA system works-

GPA 3.00 and above = First Class
GPA 2.50 to 2.99 = Second Class
GP A 2.00 to 2.49 = Third Class

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Students’ grade-point averages are numerical values obtained by dividing the total grade points earned by the credits attempted. Only courses’ graded A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, and F are used to determine credits attempted.

Grades F will be recorded for students who have not fulfilled academic obligations and have not obtained a grade, and for students who abandon their courses without officially withdrawing from a course.  

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