Islamic University Subject List

The first public university in independent Bangladesh was Islamic University (EB) Kushtia. Almost lakhs of aspiring students participate in the admission war every year to get admission to this top university in the southwestern part of the country. And this admission test is held with different rules. Apart from domestic students, foreign students also get admission here.

This year the admission test will be held against a total of 2355 seats in 35 departments under eight faculties of the university. So now is the time to prepare for the entrance exam. So before the admission test, every interested student should know about the Islamic university subject list. If students know about the subject list they can prepare themselves according to their subject list.

Islamic University Subject List
Islamic University Subject List

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Islamic university subject list

The only Islamic University (EB) in the country offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in theology and Islamic law in addition to science, engineering, technology, business administration, social sciences, and humanities. It is currently funded by the Government of Bangladesh. The institution was established on November 22, 1979, in the Kushtia district, Khulna division, to improve Islamic education. 

Since 28 June 1986, Islami University (EB) has been conducting academic activities. A total of 33 departments are currently organised under 8 faculties. Also, a total of 59 departments including the proposed departments will be introduced as per the proposed organogram in 2023.

Faculty-wise subject list

Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies01.Al Quran and Islamic Education
2. Dawah and Islamic Education
3. Al-Hadith and Islamic Education
Faculty of Engineering and TechnologyElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Applied Chemistry and Chemistry
Information and Communication Technology
Biomedical Engineering
Faculty of BiologyBiotechnology and Genetic Engineering
Applied Nutrition and Food Technology
Biomedical Engineering
Faculty of ScienceMath
Environmental Science and Geography
Faculty of Business Administration1. Accounting and Information Systems
2. Management
3. Finance and Banking
4. Marketing
5. Human resource management
6.Tourism and Hospitality Management
Faculty of Arts1. Arabic Language and Literature
2. Bangla
3. English
4. Islamic History and culture
5. The fine arts
Faculty of Social Sciences1. Economics
2. Public Administration
3. Political science
4. Folklore
5. Development studies
6. Social welfare
Faculty of LawLaw
Department of Al-Fiqh and Law
Law and Land Management

Islamic university Unit-wise subject list & seat number

The Islamic University has four total units, of which 2355  seats are for the entire institution.

  1. A unit subject list & Seats 

Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies

Unit A SubjectSeats
Al Quran and Islamic studies 80
Dawah and Islamic studies80
Al Hadith Islamic studies80
  1. B unit subject list & Seats 

There is a Faculty of Arts, a Faculty of Social Sciences, and a Faculty of Law.

B Unit Subjectsseats
Arabic Language and Literature80
Islamic History and culture80
The fine arts30
Public Administration75
Political science75
Development studies75
Social welfare75
Department of Al-Fiqh and Law80
Law and Land Management80
  1. C unit subject list & Seats 

Faculty of Business Administration

C Units SubjectsSeats
Accounting and Information Systems75
2. Management75
3. Finance and Banking75
4. Marketing75
5. Human resource management75
6.Tourism and Hospitality Management75
  1. D unit subject list & Seats 

There are three faculties: Faculty of Science, Faculty of Biology, and Faculty of Engineering and Technology 

D Unit SubjectSeats
Electrical and Electronic Engineering50
Computer Science and Engineering50
Applied Chemistry and Chemistry50
Information and Communication Technology50
Biomedical Engineering50
Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering50
Applied Nutrition and Food Technology50
Biomedical Engineering50
Environmental Science and Geography50

Islamic University Unit wise application eligibility

Business services3.253.256.75
B and CScience3.253.257.00
  • To get admission, HSC/Equivalent and SSC/Equivalent scores will be multiplied by 4. 
  • A total of 60 multiple-choice questions will be asked, and you will be required to write down the right answers in an OMR sheet. There will be a 25% deduction for each incorrect answer.
  • As a first step, all applicants will be ranked according to their SSC and HSC results. Final applications will be selected based on this merit order.


We hope you have learned about the Islamic university subject list. After the SSC or equivalent exam, students have to make one of the most important decisions of their lives. During this time, every student is allowed to join the admission war. 

Every year every government university in the country separately conducts admission tests. Thousands of students participate in the admission test exam against a certain number of seats in these universities. So every student must know about every university subject list and seat number.

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