Dhaka University A Unit Subject List

The University of Dhaka! It’s a dream name! It’s often called the Oxford of the East. After graduating from high school, most students want to study at the country’s most prestigious university. A unit of Dhaka University offers exams in science departments. 

Students of science, commerce and humanities departments can take the exam at Dhaka University. Units are divided separately into three categories. And the science department students can get admission in science subjects by taking an admission test in the A unit.

If you have taken part in the admission test of Unit A of Dhaka University. Then you must know Dhaka University A Unit subject list. So for convenience, in today’s article, we have presented Dhaka University A Unit subject list.

Dhaka University A Unit Subject List
Dhaka University A Unit Subject List

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Dhaka university A unit subject list

It is essential to know the names of the subjects of this unit for the students who want admission to Dhaka University A unit. Dhaka University A unit is known as DU ‘Ka’  unit.

Students from all over the country who have passed the HSC Science Department participated in Dhaka University A Unit Admission Test. A Unit of Dhaka University will offer admission opportunities to 32 departments of 10 faculties. 

The total number of seats is 1851. You can find out the list of subjects in which the students who have passed the admission test of Dhaka University. A unit will get the opportunity of admission from this discussion today. Dhaka University has a total of 10 faculties under A Unit. The list of faculties is mentioned below.

  1. Faculty of Science
  2. Faculty of Biology
  3. Faculty of Pharmacy
  4. Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  5. Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  6. Institute of Statistical Research and Education
  7. Institute of Nutrition and Dietetics
  8. Institute of Information Technology
  9. Institute of Leather Engineering and Technology
  10. Institute of Education and Research

Dhaka university A unit subject list & Available Seat number.

Under the ‘A’ Unit of Dhaka University, there are departments of science, biology, pharmacy, earth sciences, engineering, and technology, as well as institutes of statistics research, nutrition and food science, information technology, leather engineering and technology, and education and research.

Faculty of SciencePhysics100
Applied Mathematics60
Faculty of BiologySoil, Water, and Environmental Sciences100
Biochemistry and motivational sciences60
Fisheries Science40
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology25
Faculty of PharmacyPharmacy75
Faculty of Earth and Environmental SciencesGeography and environment50
Disaster science and management40
Faculty of Engineering and TechnologyElectrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)70
Applied Chemistry and Chemistry60
Computer Science and Engineering60
Nuclear engineering30
Robotics and Mechanics Engineering25
Institute of Statistical Research and EducationApplied statistics50
Institute of Nutrition and DieteticsNutrition and Food Science40
Institute of Information TechnologySoftware engineering30
Institute of Leather Engineering and TechnologyLeather engineering50
Footwear Engineering50
Leather product engineering50
Institute of Education and ResearchPhysical science19
Total Seat:1851

In the academic year 2020-2021, the number of seats in the A unit of Dhaka University was 1815. This time, Dhaka University has reduced seats in other units while increasing seats in the science unit. Seats in the A unit have been increased to 1851 from the academic year 2021-2022.

Dhaka University A Unit Admission Eligibility.

Dhaka University requires that applicants pass HSC or equivalent exams with a GPA of 3.5 (including the 4th subject) from the science department in order to be admitted to the A unit. Furthermore, the GPA obtained in both the SSC and HSC board exams should be at least 8.50. A similar requirement applies to Alim Madrasas and English medium college students.

Dhaka University Admission Test A unit mark distribution.

The total marks in the admission test will be out of 100, There will be MCQs of 60 marks and written part of 40 marks. There will be a 45-minute MCQ test and a 45-minute written test.

Total Marks:100


This article contains all information related to Dhaka University A Unit Subject List. If you intend to enrol in science at Dhaka University, you should familiarise yourself with the university’s A Unit Subject List before participating in the admission test. 

This article discusses all the subjects that can be admitted through the Bhabhi A unit admission test in detail. Thanks for reading this article. I hope you’ve learned everything you need to know.

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