What is the Difference between CGPA and GPA?

Calculating and maintaining track of the grades and points is crucial for anyone. One requires to be conscious of the different techniques of calculation. In this post, I will describe CGPA and GPA, and also provide the information “What is the difference between CGPA and GPA?”. 

Bangladesh has numerous boards and different universities and different institutions have different ways of calculating. It is vital to have a widespread idea of the calculation and the difference of calculation. In Bangladesh like International grading systems, terms like CGPA and GPA are often utilized. This post is all the data that students will require to know about GPA and CGPA.

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What is GPA?

A GPA is a digit that reveals students’ scores on an average. A name that you will know across in your school and college is Grade Point Average. 

What is CGPA?

The full meaning of CGPA is for Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is usually utilized to assess the all-round academic performance of a student. It is evaluated by obtaining the mean of the GPA that a student is awarded each semester. By the total number of credits, it is divided. As per the CGPA system, specific grades are allotted to a range of marks. 

Significance of CGPA and GPA

People want to keep their GPA consistent to get a good CGPA. Colleges usually ask for the GPA as well as CGPA. It is crucial to familiarize all people with the difference between CGPA and GPA.

So one requires to concentrate on both since both of them are implied on the mark sheet of a student. 

CGPA is deemed as a significant factor when it comes to applying for different institutions. So One requires to focus on earning a good CGPA. Here are some aspects where students CGPA and GPA will matter:

  • Assigning a proposal for higher studies.
  • For numerous scholarships.
  • For placements. 

Differences between CGPA and GPA

  • Meaning:

GPA is used for rating for a single semester. Across all the semesters, CGPA compiles the total credits and total marks.

  • Emphasis:

Often when it comes to delivering the academic scores for higher studies, universities evaluate the GPA of every semester of a student to assess their density of results throughout the course duration. On the other hand, a lesser emphasis is put on CGPA. For students who are intending to go to study, colleges and universities will normally ask them to provide a GPA rather than CGPA.

  • Period:

For a semester, CGPA wraps a longer academic duration. On the other hand, GPA is for a quicker duration. It is the full duration of a bachelor’s degree including all the semesters.

  • Inter-relatedness:

Students are required to have a fair GPA every semester to score a good average for their chosen degree as CGPA amasses the grades of all semesters. Accordingly, both CGPA and GPA are related. To obtain a good CGPA, students are required to assure that they mark a better GPA throughout all the semesters.


We hope by reading this post students will know properly about CGPA and GPA differences. If anyone wants to know more about CGPA and GPA-related things, please let us know. More, you can calculate your CGPA with our tool.

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