SUST Subject List

SUST is the most popular university in Bangladesh. Its full meaning is Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. In 1986, it was built, and at that time, It was only a science and technology university. SUST started its journey with only three departments on 13th February 1991. 

The three departments were Physics, Chemistry and Economics. At that time, there were 13 teachers and 205 students. But right now, there are many different subjects and subjective teachers. Now, every year many students compete for admission to this university.

The SUST subject list is important for students to compare the subjects of other engineering universities. In this context, there are broader discussions about SUST subject lists. So, carefully read this full content.

SUST Subject List
SUST Subject List

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Shahjalal University of Science and Technology faculty lists

There are seven faculties and 28 departments. They are –

SI NoNames of faculty Departments no
1.School of Applied Science and Technology 9
2.School of Life Science 2
3.School of Agricultural and  Mineral Science1
4.Institute of Information and Communication Technology 1
5.School of Management and Business Administration 1
6.School of Physical Science 6
7.School of Social Science 8

SUST Subject List

Every year, many students want to be admitted to Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, but most of the students don’t know about the subject list. First of all, every student has to know about the subject list of this Institute.

Look below; we describe all units with their subject list. We try to write easily so that you can understand. 

Subject list for ‘A’ unit

All groups of students can apply for the ‘A’ unit. That means the science, arts and commerce group can apply for the subject of the SUST ‘A’ unit.

 Their subject is: 

Subject NamesSeats 
Economic 66
Social Work 66
Anthropology 65
Sociology 65
Political Studies65
Public Administration 65
Business Administration 70
English 65
Geography and Environmental 5

Subject List for ‘B’ Unit

Only science background students can take the exam in the SUST ‘B’ unit. There are some subjects. We have given the seat number.

Subject namesSeats
Physics 60
Chemistry (CHE)60
Mathematics (MAT)70
Statistics (STA)70
Geography and Environment (GEE)25
Forestry and Environment Science (FES)50
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (GEB)30
Food & Tea Technology (FIT)40
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB)30
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)60
Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science (CEP)50
Industry & Production Engineering (IPE)50
Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE)50
Petroleum & Georesources Engineering (PGE)50
Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE)30
Architecture (ARC)30

Subject List for ‘C’ Unit

SUST ‘C’ unit for BBA ( Bachelor of Business Administration). There is one subject in this unit. Only students with a commerce background participate there.


Our discussion today covered all the details about the SUST subject list. We hope it will be useful to you. Please let us know in the comments if any part of the discussion is confusing to you. Thank you for joining us.

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