National University Grading system

Nu Authority disclosed a different time All-academic years course exam results in GPA or CGPA System. For this reason, the students of NU also expect to know about this grading system calculation. So we are going to help all of the students with our post about the National University Grading System. We will also talk with other similar facets in this regard.

 Many students of National University in our country often look for the details of the grading system. After reading this post students will be eligible to count or evaluate the exam marks. It would be also useful for students to get the mark sheet easily. 

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NU grading system

The National University grading system arises from the British undergraduate degree classification system. An Honors degree in Bangladesh, GPA above or equal to 3 points is equal to first class.

This post can help students to understand the process of exam papers shall be considered the basis of the marks.

The total marks of written, practical, as well oral tests of a student which they will achieve Grade Point. To calculate the marks of the students the following Letter Grade points are applicable. 

  1. CGPA 3.00 to 4.00 = First Class
  2. CGPA 2.25 to 2.99 = Second Class
  3. CGPA 2.00 to 2.249 = Third Class

Calculating NU GPA and CGPA

The result is calculated based on the achieving points by acquiring into all course credits and shall be figured as EPS. The full attained points in a year and courses shall be divided by all taken credits to determine and calculate the GPA  results.

After finishing the entire course, all earning GPAs shall be evaluated into CGPA. It shall be regarded as an F grade or a Fail if someone gets under a grade of D. If a student obtains an F Grade then he would not be eligible to move ahead for net selection. According to the grading point system, D Grade is considered as below average grading point to pass examinations. This calculator is useful for estimating the NU grading system and GPA or CGPA count system. 

NU Passing Grade

The presence of the students is required in all mandatory and fixed written, oral and practical courses and examinations. The students have to pass in all courses by gaining at least forty percent marks or obtaining D Grade. The D Grade is regarded as two points. 


We hope the data given in our post regarding the Grading system, will help students to know about it. Our main purpose is to fulfill students with the details of the Nu grading system. If anyone has any issues and feels any data is lost feel free to ask us. 

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