Khulna university subject list

Khulna University is the only university in Bangladesh with no sedition, terrorism, or student politics. This university is affiliated with both UGC and ACU. Khulna University ranks ninth among public universities in terms of its establishment.

There are many educational institutions in the Khulna district. Khulna University is one of them. Khulna University is top-rated not only in Khulna but all over the country because Khulna University is the quietest and the only politics-free university among all the universities in the country. So most of the students wanted to be admitted here. The admission will be made as per the Khulna university subject list below.

Khulna university subject list
Khulna university subject list

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Khulna university subject list

Khulna University is a public university in Bangladesh. It is located in the southern city of Khulna. Currently, the number of students under 8 faculties of the university is about 5 thousand students. And they are admitted in 29 subjects every year.

Khulna University has popular subjects like Business Process, Architecture, Human Resource Management, CSE, ECE, Pharmacy as well as Printmaking, Law, Forestry and Wood Technology, Agro Technology, History, and Civilization. There are also other types of topics to read.

There are now 1175 seats available in 29 departments at Khulna University. The admission war for this seat attracts thousands of students every year. Approximately 18 to 25 students take the entrance exam yearly for one seat.

Meanwhile, many guest students are admitted to the university every session because of the institution’s quality of education, environment, and reputation. It is noteworthy that guest scholars from Nepal, the Maldives, and Bhutan have arrived. Every year, 40/50 guest students are admitted to undergraduate, postgraduate, MPhil, and Ph.D. courses.

There are eight faculties and four units for undergraduate students. Do you want to know about the units and faculties? These are

Khulna university unit list

  1. A unit
  2. B unit
  3. C unit
  4. D unit

Khulna university faculty list

  1. Science, Engineering & Technology School.
  2. Life Science School.
  3. Arts & Humanities School.
  4. Social Science School.
  5. Law School.
  6. Education School.
  7. Management & Business Administration School.
  8. Fine Arts School.

Khulna university A Unit Faculty- wise subject list & seat number.

A unit has 32 quota seats. Among these seats,30 seats are reserved for freedom fighters and tribal quotas and 2 seats for BKSP.

A Unit FacultySubjectSeats
Science, Engineering & Technology School.Architecture37
Computer Science and Engineering40
Electronics and Communication Engineering37
Urban and Rural Planning40
Life Science SchoolAgrotechnology4
Environmental Science6
Forestry & Wood Technology4
Fisheries & Marine Resource Technology4
Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering4
Soil, Water and Environment4
Total Seats=675

Khulna university B Unit Faculty- wise subject list & seat number.

Khulna university has 22 quotas.  These seats are divided into 3 categories. 9 seats for freedom fighters, 9 seats for tribal and 4 seats for BKSP.

B Unit FacultySubjectSeat
Arts & Humanities SchoolHistory and Civilization4
Social Science SchoolEconomics4
Development Studies45
Mass Communication & Journalism4
Law Schoollaw4
Education SchoolInstitute of Education and Research2
Total Seats=403

Khulna university C Unit Faculty – wise subject list & seat number.

C unit has five seats, including 4 seats for freedom fighters and tribal quota and one for BKSP.

C Unit FacultySubjectsSeat
Management & Business Administration SchoolBusiness Administration55
Human Resource Management40
Total Seat=95

Khulna university D Unit Faculty-wise subject list & seat number.

There are a total of seven seats available, including Freedom Fighter 3, Tribal 3, and BKSP 1.

D Unit FacultySubjectsSeat
Fine Arts SchoolDrawing and Painting20
Total Seat=60


We hope you have learned about Khulna university subject list. Khulna University basically conducts admission tests in four units. So you can know about all the unit subject lists from here.

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