Govt school admission circular

Every year Bangladesh Government and Education Board offers students admission to Government Schools. This year is no different than the others. The Bangladesh Government School Admission circular is published, and many students, according to the requirements, will be able to participate in these.

The Ministry of Education has changed the system to prevent admission fraud in Government schools. And now, the lottery system will remain only for class 1. The students from class 2 to class 8 will have to sit for an admission test. Students will be elected for class 9 admission by their JSC result.

Govt school admission circular
Govt school admission circular

Table of Contents

Who can apply?

Everyone is not eligible to apply and be admitted to the schools. Students must meet certain requirements to apply for the seat. Like every year, students can apply by their parent’s profession and their residential area. Here is the requirement from the student.

  • Freedom fighters’ children or grandchildren (FF).
  • Children of people who work for or with the Ministry of Education (MOE).
  • Children of teachers and workers at secondary government schools in the region.
  • Students in the school’s catchment area will receive a 50% allocation.
  • Suppose the applicant’s guardian or parents become voters. In that case, they may apply if they are the owner (according to utility bill) of a flat or home, a flat renter on the day of publishing the circular, or have been assigned a government dwelling in the relevant Upazila.
  • At the Gonobhaban Government High School, 2% of seats will be reserved for employees and administrators.

10% of the students who passed from primary school will get a chance to get admitted to class six in the same school. Also, if a student already in the school has any sibling or twin, they can apply according to merit if there is an empty seat.

Paying the Application Fee

To get a User ID and PIN for the application, you must pay a 110 Taka government fee using a Teletalk number.

SMS1: GSA (Space) User ID and send to 16222.

You will get a reply SMS Including the Pin Number and Next Instruction. Now Send 2nd SMS For Confirm

SMS 2: Enter GSA (Space) YES (Space) PIN and send to 16222.

That’s It.

Application Form Online

Once the applicant is eligible according to the above requirements. To apply, you need to fill out the online application form. There is no other way to apply for (GSA) Government School Admission apart from the official website application. You will require these documents to submit for the application.

  1. Student’s Birth Registration Certificate.
  2. National ID (NID) Card of Father and Mother.
  3. Colour Photo of the student (Recently Taken).
  4. All the quota-related documents, if there are any.
  5. A Teletalk prepaid number for paying the application fee.
  6. A biometrically registered phone number of the guardian.

Once you have all these, go to the official GSA site Student Application Form and submit the details word by word. Don’t just fill in random or fake information, which could lead to submission failure.

Admission Test Procedures

All of the admission procedures will be handled by the proper authority. You will have to face three types of admission procedures. For class 1, there will be a lottery draw, and for classes 2 to 8, students must compete in an admission exam. The students who want to get admitted to class nine will have to rely on their JSC results.

Lottery Result

Because they are just starting their educational careers, aside from that, the authority has observed that the majority of parents had already trained their children before their admittance. According to research, some parents intentionally lie about their children’s age so they can apply for school.

 Although it hasn’t been demonstrated, an older and more experienced youngster may be able to pass the school’s admissions exam and get admission.

On the other hand, it isn’t easy to get accepted into any state school. Because of this, the Admission Control Board of GSA made a wise choice by selecting the students from the lottery.

Written and Viva Exam

The written exam follows two modules. For class 2 and class 3, students have to face a 50 marks exam which will include questions from Bangla, English, and Mathematics.

Students competing for class 4 to 8 admission tests will face 100 marks exams on those same subjects. They will get 60 minutes and 120 minutes to complete their admission test.

Schools for Admission

Usually, there are at least 2 government schools in each Upazila. In Sadar Upazila, there are more than two government schools. Most of the schools are only boys or only girls schools, but some areas have co-ed government schools as well. There are 492 Upozilla and 652 Thana in Bangladesh, so you can understand we are talking about more than a thousand schools.

The schools set the exam date according to their comfortable schedule. So, you don’t have to sit for the exam simultaneously everywhere in the country. Dhaka Mahanagar Schools start taking the exams then the rest of the divisions follow.

 Here is a short list of divisions where GSA exams are held.

  • Dhaka Mohanogor
  • Chittagong Mohanagar
  • Barisal Division
  • Khulna Division
  • Mymensingh Division
  • Rajshahi Division
  • Rangpur Division
  • Sylhet Division.

You can find the list of Govt. Schools ( here if you want to know about each individual school.

No Admission will be taken this year.

Because of the pandemic and study gap in 2020, the government has decided not to take any admission tests this year. All the students will have to go through the lottery draw to get themselves the chance of getting admitted to a government school.

Application Start 25th November 2022  
Application End: 8th December 2022  
Admission Lottery Result:15th December 2022  
This Year All Class Admission Result Will Publish Based on Lottery Draw  

Download Admit Card For Govt School Admission Circular

You can download your admit card from the official GSA site. Use your User ID, Birth Date, and Phone number that you used to apply for the form. Login using those details, and you can download the admission form.


Govt School Admission Circular is published, and applications will be received from 25th November. If you want your child to be admitted to a govt school in your area, keep an eye on the official GSA website and our blog. We will update any information related to the Govt School Admission Circular and results whenever they publish it.

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