Dhaka University D unit subject list

Dhaka University’s department change unit is the D Unit. This unit is open to science, commerce, and humanities students. Dhaka University has a high level of competition in the D unit, where most candidates apply.

HSC candidates are now eagerly waiting for university admissions, especially Dhaka University, one of the best in Bangladesh. With the HSC exams and the results, it’s time for students to focus on getting admission to the best universities. So they must know about the subject list.

All the university admission candidates are busy with their preparation. Preparing for university admission requires knowledge of all the subjects each university’s entrance exam will cover. Each university has its different unit and subject lists. Some units have to prepare separately. As a result, we are here to facilitate your admission preparation. We will learn about the Dhaka university d unit subject list during today’s discussion.

Dhaka University D unit subject list
Dhaka University D unit subject list

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Dhaka University D unit subject list

The D unit of DU is open to all groups of students. Therefore, this unit is referred to as the “Subject Change Unit. For students of the science department in HSC, if they get a chance in d unit, they must read humanities or business education subjects instead of science department subjects.

The D Unit of Dhaka University has 55 departments and 12 faculties. According to their marks and merit, students who pass the unit admission test are eligible for admission in these subjects.

A total of 1560 students can enroll in these 11 subjects in the Department of Humanities, 40 subjects in Business Education, and 55 subjects in Science. It’s no secret that Dhaka University is one of the best universities in Bangladesh. Many students apply each year to sit for the Dhaka University examination.

There are mostly Science seats, but there are also a few Commerce seats.  Humanities seats are fewer than science and commerce. So let’s know about Dhaka university D unit subject lists.

Dhaka University D Unit faculty list

  1. Faculty of Law
  2. Faculty of Arts
  3. Faculty of Social Sciences
  4. Faculty of Biology
  5. Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  6. Faculty of Science
  7. Faculty of Business Education
  8. Institute of Social Welfare and Research
  9. Institute of Health Economics
  10. Institute of Education and Research
  11. Institute of Disaster Management
  12. Institute of Modern Languages

Dhaka University D Unit Number of Seats And subject list

Most of the seats in the D unit belong to the science department. Total seats are 1097. Again there are 40 subjects for the commerce department. And there are 410 seats allocated. Now let’s talk about the humanities department. 

There are only 53 seats in the D unit for the humanities department. There are only 11 subjects in which they can get admission. Have you seen how many seats are allotted in the D unit for humanities, science, and commerce?

Number of SubjectsSubject NameSeats For ScienceSeats For Business StudiesSeats For HumanitiesTotal Seats
02Political Science802000100
03International Relations4550050
05Mass media and Journalism2580033
06Public administration35250060
08Peace and Conflict Studies20100030
09Women and Gender Studies2050025
10Development Studies1050015
11Population Sciences1300013
12Television, Film and Photography1550020
14Communication Disorders2000020
15Printing and Publication Studies1550020
16Japanese Studies35100045
20Persian Language and Literature20100030
23Pali and Buddhist Studies18120030
26Islamic Studies25150040
27Islamic History and Culture25150040
28Information technology and library management1550020
29Theatre and Performance Studies730010
32Language Science20150035
33World Religion and Culture3550040
35Accounting & Information Systems100515
38Banking and Insurance5027
39Management Information Systems4015
40International Business4026
41Tourism and Hospitality Management3025
42Organisation Strategy and Leadership150520
43Geography and environment0200020
48Institute of Social Welfare and Research1230015
49Health Economics Institute3000030
50Institute of Education and Research40200060
51Institute of Disaster Management2550030
52English for Speakers of Other Languages ​​5100015
53French Language and Culture 550010
54Chinese Language and Culture 5100015
55Japanese Language and Culture 550010

Dhaka university D unit admission eligibility.

  1. Science Department
  • The student should get a total of 8 marks in SSC + HSC.
  • Eight points or above, including the 4th subject, can be applied.
  • However, HSC or SSC cannot have less than 3.50 marks separately.
  • Any subject must not have a B or fewer than 3 points.
  1. Arts Department
  • You must have 7.50 points. Therefore, you can apply for the D unit if you score 7.50 (seven points in total), including the fourth subject in SSC and HSC.
  • However, if the student gets less than 3 points in either HSC or SSC, then they will not be able to apply for the D unit.
  • It is recommended that humanities students study Economics or Mathematics in high school. You can apply for the D unit if you have a minimum B grade in Economics or a minimum A in Mathematics.
  1. Commerce Department
  • Commerce students can apply for the admission test in the D Unit of Dhaka University if they get a minimum of 7.50 points in SSC and HSC.
  • It is necessary to obtain 7.50 marks, including the fourth subject. Nevertheless, there must be at least three points in SSC & HSC.

Dhaka University D unit Admission test marks distribution.

Dhaka University has made some changes to its admission test for 2022. Additionally, a written exam will be administered along with the MCQ exam. There will be a total of 100 marks in the written and MCQ exams. There will be a total of 90 minutes or one and a half hours.

Mark Distribution of Multiple Choice (MCQ)

SubjectQuestion numberMarks
Bangla\ Advanced English1515
General Knowledge3030
Total Marks=60

Mark Distribution of Written Examination.

SubjectQuestion number
Bangla \ Advance English15
General knowledge.10
Total Marks=40

Dhaka University D Unit Admission Test Pass Marks.

  • Results will be calculated based on the entrance examination scores, the secondary/equivalent examination scores, and the higher secondary/equivalent examination score, a total merit score of 120 marks.
  • Based on the marks obtained in the secondary/equivalent and higher secondary/equivalent examinations, a maximum of 10 + 10 = 20 marks will be added to the marks obtained in the entrance examination. In that case, the marks obtained in the admission test will be multiplied by the GPA obtained in the secondary examination (including the 4th subject) by 2 and the GPA obtained in the higher secondary examination (including 4th subject) by 2.


We hope you have got your Dhaka university D unit subject list. So if you are interested in the du D unit admission test, study hard, and we Hope you can reach your goal. Good luck.

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