Dhaka University C Unit Subject List

Dhaka University is a dream name for every student. Every year thousands of students take the entrance exam to this university. There are separate units for students of each department. The units are; A, B, C, D, or F. There are different subjects for each unit. Today we will discuss Unit C.

Only business students can take the exam in this unit.  But not everyone is aware of this unit.  So for those who want to participate in the entrance exam, it is very important to know about Dhaka university c unit subject list, seat number, and faculty.

So for them, we have brought this article today. If you also want to participate in the Dhaka University C Unit admission test, then read our article from beginning to end.

Dhaka University C Unit Subject List
Dhaka University C Unit Subject List

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Dhaka University C Unit Subject List

Dhaka University’s C unit admission test is open only to students of the business education branch. Students in Business Education are eligible to participate in this course.

Out of the five main units, an admission test is offered in Unit C of Dhaka University. However, there are fewer seats in Unit C than in the other units. Approximately 930 seats are available in the C unit. Under the du c unit, there is only one faculty. This faculty name is Business Administration. 

The Faculty of Business Education in C Unit has only nine subjects. But in 4 subjects the number of seats is above 100, and in the other four subjects, the number of seats is 90. The number of seats in the Organisation Strategy and Leadership subject is comparatively less, only 30.

Dhaka University’s C unit is students’ primary goal in business education departments such as humanities. Every subject in Unit C is regarded as excellent and useful. So there is not much migration.

Dhaka university c unit subject list & Seat number

Dhaka University used to have 1230 seats in the C unit. Dhaka University authorities changed the number of seats in various units from 2021-2022. In the Faculty of Business Administration, Dhaka University has reduced the number of seats to 930.


Business Administration
Accounting and Information Systems135
Banking and Insurance90
Management Information Systems90
Tourism and Hospitality Management90
International Business90
Organisation Strategy and Leadership30

Dhaka university C unit Application Eligibility.

  • A minimum 7.50 GPA must be obtained in secondary and higher secondary exams or equivalent examinations in order to participate in the admissions test. It is required that both exams must be passed independently with at least 3.0.
  • Students who have passed at least 5 subjects in GCE and ‘O’ Level and at least 2 subjects in ‘A’ Level can apply.

Dhaka university c unit Mark Distribution

The final merit list will be compiled based on 120 marks. There will be 100 marks for the MCQ and written test. The rest of the 20 marks will be multiplied by two GPAs obtained in the secondary (including the fourth subject) and two GPAs obtained in the higher secondary (including the fourth subject). The results of these two tests will be added to the 100 marks obtained in the admission test. For each wrong answer to a MCQ, 0.25 marks will be deducted.

  1. DU C Unit Mark Distribution (MCQ)
Accounting Science12
Business Principles and Applications12
Marketing / Finance & Banking12
  1. DU C Unit Mark Distribution (Written)
  • Translation from Bengali to English = 5 marks.
  • Translation from English to Bengali = 5 marks
  • Topic Based Short Expression (English) = 5 Marks
  • Precis writing = 5 marks
  • Short Essay (Bangla) = 5 Marks
  • Answers to short questions from 5 compulsory subjects = 15 marks.

Dhaka University C Unit Admission Test Pass Mark

The MCQ part in English requires a minimum of 05 marks and a total of 24 points. A minimum of 11 marks is also acceptable for the written part. You should score at least 40 points for both the MCQ and written sections.


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