Barisal university subject list

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Barisal university subject list
Barisal university subject list

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Barisal university subject list

Barisal University is one of the higher education institutions located in the Barisal division of Bangladesh and the 33rd government university in the country.

Since its founding, the university has been known for its quality teaching. The natural beauty of the Barisal University campus inspires teachers and students to develop art and literature.

Barisal University admission test total of three units. ‘A,’ ‘B,’ and ‘C’ units for Science, Arts, and Commerce, respectively. And there have 6 faculty in this university: these are

  1. Science and Engineering
  2. Bio-Sciences
  3. Arts & Humanities
  4. Social Sciences
  5. Law
  6. Business Studies

Like the last two years: there is no ‘D’ unit this time. However, if a student wants, he can take different faculty subjects from other units except for his own unit by changing branches.

Barisal university Unit-wise subject list and seat number

A Unit FacultySubjectsSeat
The faculty of Science and EngineeringComputer Science & Engineering50
Geology and Mining60
Bio-SciencesSoil & Environmental Sciences80
Coastal Studies and Disaster Management20
Biochemistry and Biotechnology20
B Unit FacultySubjectsSeat
Arts & HumanitiesBangla70
Mass Communication & Journalism20
History & Civilization30
Social SciencesEconomics70
Public Administration70
Political science70
C Unit FacultySubjectsSeats
Business StudiesMarketing75
Management Studies75
Accounting & Information Systems75
Finance & Banking75

On the other hand, the total seats (1440) of A, B, and C units will be reserved for the candidates applying in different quotas as an additional 5 percent of 72 seats.

Faq about Barishal University

How many seats are there in Barisal university A Unit?

The Barisal University A Unit Subject List is associated with the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Bio-Sciences. And it has 580 seats.

How many seats are there in the Barisal university B Unit?

The Barisal university B unit has 560 seats for the student. And this unit is under 3 faculties. These are: Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Law Faculties. 

How many seats are there in the Barisal university C Unit?

The Barisal university C unit consists of 1 faculty, and the name of the faculty is business studies. A total of four subjects are covered in this unit. And it has 300 available seats.


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